Montu Fashion Photographer





Montu grew up in the city of Cordoba - Argentina, he moved to the city of Buenos Aires to work in computer security, it was there where he met his passion for photography, which caught him in its entirety, leaving what he always believed would be his profession and devoted himself to develop as a fashion photographer.


He trained at the Motivarte photography school, one of the most renowned in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where photographers from all over South America come to train.

Montu, it's graduated as a Professional Photographer, but he did not settle for that alone and continued to train and improve his skills by taking several courses with renowned Spanish, Italian and Argentinean photographers.

Achieving in this way his marked stamp that is the photographic diversity in different types of styles in fashion photography and being able to make any complex photographic shot.


He was called by the Leandro Rud Modelling Agency to cover their events for Argentine celebrities.


That same year he received an offer from the Scouting Models Agency to train their models in photographic poses and was hired by Editorial Luxury to carry out fashion productions and coverage of the best fashion shows in Argentina, Buenos Aires Alta Moda, Fashion Week, Moda Show, etc.


In the same year, he is hired as the official photographer of the franchises of the International Modeling Agencies, Elite and Ford Models, making his agency books for his models with European destiny.

He is hired by the fashion production company "3mas1¨ to carry out graphic campaigns for different Argentinean clothing brands such as Lumenna, New Factory, Coramina, Americanino, Silvia Chang, Vijnu, Etc. Etc. Etc.

In 2009 he was hired by the channel ¨Fox Internacional¨ to take the photographs for their different TV programmes, advertising spots, celebrities, etc.

Already in 2010 Montu was working in different Modeling Agencies making portfolios, giving courses of models and photography, making graphic campaigns to different clothing brands, covering the most important fashion shows in Buenos Aires, making editorials for magazines like Gente, Caras, Para Ti, Cosmopolitan, Look, Para Teen, etc. Achieving its golden brooch when he receives the call from one of the most important magazines in the world of fashion, ¨VOGUE ¨, in its Latin American version.

In 2011 he is hired by a Mexican Media Production Company, which leaves his home country, to start his career at an international level, doing editorials and campaigns in countries such as Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, USA, Spain and Italy.

In the year 2015 he begins to venture into audiovisual production, taking charge of carrying out an ambitious project for one of the best Argentine television channels, Canal 13, and with one of the most recognized celebrities in the field, Nicole Neumann (Celebridad Argentina), discovering another facet of him, television production.

To this day, Montu continues to make its way into the world of fashion, generating new markets and trying to find what is new. Based in the prestigious City of London, where he continues to expand his work, carrying out campaigns and editorials for fashion designers, brands and magazines. 


Montu is passionate about fashion photography, he found in this profession his happiness, his passion, his total commitment.

In each session he tries not only to have great illumination, a nice angle or an excellent shoot, but he goes beyond the visual, he tries to extract from each model not only its external beauty, but also its internal one, and this led him to have his motto, which made him succeed in this medium, and that motto is