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Montu Fashion Photographer




Discover my inspiring journey as a renowned fashion photographer with humble beginnings in the charming city of Córdoba, Argentina. Driven by ambition and a thirst for adventure, I relocated to the bustling metropolis of Buenos Aires to pursue a career in computer security. Little did I know that fate had other plans in store for me.

As I navigated the vibrant streets of Buenos Aires, I was unexpectedly captivated by the mesmerizing world of photography. This newfound passion consumed me, leading me to leave behind the career I had once envisioned for myself. Embracing this unexpected twist of fate, I wholeheartedly dedicated myself to mastering the art of fashion photography.

Today, my striking images stand testament to my unwavering passion and commitment to my craft. My compelling visual narratives capture the essence of style and elegance, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Let my remarkable journey inspire you, as I continue to redefine the boundaries of fashion photography with every click of my camera.


My passion for fashion photography led me to train at Motivarte, one of Buenos Aires' most prestigious photography schools, drawing aspiring photographers from across South America. After graduating as a Professional Photographer, I continued to refine my skills by learning from renowned Spanish, Italian, and Argentinean photographers.

This diverse education has allowed me to develop a unique, versatile style in fashion photography, enabling me to execute complex shots across various styles with ease and finesse. My dedication to growth and mastery is reflected in every captivating image I create.


My journey in fashion photography has led me to work with renowned modeling agencies like Leandro Rud, Scouting Models, Elite, and Ford Models. I've covered high-profile events and shows, such as Buenos Aires Alta Moda and Fashion Week, and contributed to campaigns for Argentinean brands like Lumenna, New Factory, and Americanino.

In 2009, I joined Fox International, photographing their TV programs, ad spots, and celebrities. By 2010, I was collaborating with top magazines like Gente, Caras, Cosmopolitan, and Vogue Latin America, creating portfolios, and teaching photography courses.

In 2011, I ventured abroad to work with a Mexican Media Production Company, expanding my international reach across Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, the US, Spain, and Italy. In 2015, I explored audiovisual production, partnering with Argentina's Canal 13 and celebrity Nicole Neumann for an ambitious TV project.

Today, based in London, I continue to innovate in fashion, working with designers, brands, and magazines worldwide, always pushing boundaries and seeking fresh perspectives


I am deeply passionate about fashion photography—it's where I find happiness, fulfillment, and complete devotion. In every session, my goal extends beyond capturing perfect lighting or the ideal angle. I strive to unveil each model's inner and outer beauty, which has led me to embrace a guiding principle that has brought me success in this industry:


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